Get Your Privacy On Demand

Turn your ordinary screen enclosure, pool cage, patio, or porch into a luxurious private retreat.

we CReate privacy


We manufacture patented all-weather outdoor curtain systems for screen enclosures, pool cages, patios, porches, pergolas, and just about any other space you can imagine where you would want privacy. Our patented track and curtain systems offer the ultimate in privacy, flexibility, and durability. We use only top-of-the-line materials to make a product that is built to last.

True Outdoor Privacy

Our curtains are created in panels of any height you choose and up to 30 feet wide. They are connected with zippers and anchored down with side-release clips. We can even seal your curtains to your house to create a truly private outdoor experience.

Privacy Curtains Open

Flexible Privacy

We understand that you still need to have your view and get that wide-open outdoors feel. That's why our curtain systems are made to open when you don't need the privacy. Simply unclip them from the bottom, draw them open, and tie-them back.

Custom Privacy

Your curtains are customized for your outdoor space. Our distributors work with you to design curtains that give the look and function that suits you. They will tell you if there is something we can't do or we will find a way to do it.



We are the only company in Florida which makes customized, affordable shade sails for pool cages and screen enclosures. Our shade sails are made from the highest quality SolaMesh™ fabric and carry a 5-year warranty.

Liven Up Your Pool Cage

Pool cages are almost a necessity in Florida but, lets be honest, they are boring and feel like a bird cage. Why not decorate it like another room of your home? Our shade sails come in 19 different colors and will add a creative look and feel to your pool enclosure.

shade sails

Shade Where You Need It

Get shade in any or all areas of your pool enclosure. Spend more time outside without the brutal Florida sun forcing you back indoors. Add shade to your sitting areas, grill station, hot tub or part of your pool. Create a shaded space to hang out when you're not sunbathing.

shade sails

Custom Shade Options

Replace your cumbersome and bulky umbrellas that just take up space on your pool deck and will probably fade within a year of exposure to our Florida sun. Give yourself more room to play and party around the pool and enjoy the shade!

we CReate privacy


Our curtain systems are adaptable for a variety of outdoor spaces. If you can imagine a space with curtains, we most likely can help you make it a reality.

Our top-selling application for our privacy curtains is outdoor pool cages. Our customers enjoy their pools in complete privacy. Many have remarked that, “it’s just like adding a room onto your house!”

Turn your outdoor eating, entertaining, or television viewing area into a private space free of cold winter breezes, distracting sun glare, and neighborhood distractions.

Because Privacy On Demand outdoor curtains are made from waterproof marine canvas, they can be installed in nearly all outdoor living spaces. Porches can become extensions of your indoor living.

Our latest application for our outdoor privacy curtains is the privatized pergola. Curtains add decor and increase your shaded area during sunrise and sunset. Plus they block those cold breezes.

curtains create privacy

Why privacy curtains?

There are many situations which create the need for outdoor privacy. Modern housing developments are often built with small lots where neighbors live within easy view of one another. Low-cost security camera technology only increases the lack of privacy with homeowners not knowing when they are being watched or by who.

Curtains, which have been used for thousands of years for personal privacy, are still the least expensive and most effective outdoor privacy option. Modern innovative fabrics made to withstand harsh weather make excellent outdoor curtains and add an indoor decor feel to create unique outdoor spaces where you can escape the distractions of neighborhood life.


Benefits of Outdoor Curtains

Below are just some of the benefits of using curtains for outdoor privacy. You could probably list many more yourself.


The Best Privacy Option

Our privacy curtains have several features that make them simply the best outdoor privacy option available.

See how our product compares with your other options.


Often limited to 6ft or lower, they cannot give true privacy. They are very expensive to install and are not allowed by HOAs in many new developments.


Mature landscaping is very expensive. Young landscaping can take months or years to grow before you get any privacy and it's not truly private.

Scenery Screens & Florida Glass

Still another expensive option that takes away your view permanently. When storms hit and they are damaged, you'll be paying again to have them replaced.

Quality products

Our Materials

We use only the highest quality materials available for our outdoor marine canvas curtains and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our curtain systems for the benefit of our customers.

We use stainless steel and marine grade hardware and fasteners.

Sunbrella Marine Canvas

Sunbrella is a recognized name in the world of outdoor fabrics. The majority of our customers choose Sunbrella canvas for their outdoor curtains because of the 10-year fade free warranty, mold & mildew resistant, and bleach-cleanable. These curtains will last the life of your home if well cared for.

SolaMesh by Trivantage

SolaMesh is an innovative outdoor fabric from the makers of Sunbrella. We use SolaMesh to cover areas where shade is the primary concern. However, it does give enough privacy  to discourage onlookers. The fabric carries a 10-year fade-free warranty and provides best-in-class strength, value, and longevity.

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“We live, in fact, in a world starved for solitude, silence, and privacy, and therefore starved for meditation and true friendship.”
C.S. Lewis